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Glatom’s Smart IVR Solution for Enterprises


Design Personalized IVR

Design an IVR according to your business needs. You can define your personalized IVR flow with IVR scripts, professional greetings, call waiting music, specific actions on different numbers, and more. Smart IVR optimization ensures that your IVR script aligns with the overall messaging of your business to maintain consistency and hassle-free customer engagement.

Redefine Flexibility

Experience a high level of flexibility while designing your IVR flow with configurable workflows. Recording and playing custom prompts, intelligent call routing, queue management, or defining about business hours – everything can be done with simple drag and drop options via Glatom Synthesizer. With Glatom’s smart IVR software, you can turn your customer interactions way more efficiently.


Self Service Automation

Free-up your customers from waiting to talk to an agent or customer support team for common queries. Let your Interactive Voice Response System do it for you. A dynamic IVR system reduces the workload of the agents and lets them pay their attention to more pressing matters and encourage the customers to be self-reliant to solve their issues.

Let the Agents See Conversation Context

Make your agents informed about the IVR data as per the DTMF input of the caller using a configurable iFrame available in the agent’s toolbar. Here the agent can view all the relevant data so when the customer calls again to talk to an agent or while their first call is transferred to an agent, she/he should be able to view the IVR inputs entered to better understand the customer’s problem.


Manage High Call Volume with Customized Call Flows

Glatom’s advanced IVR Solution offers configurable controls such as play advertisement, play a specific message during peak call traffic. Additionally, you can also configure the node flow to map a backup agent for your high-value customers in case of preferred agent routing. So, even if the relationship manager is not available, the mapped agent can attend to the caller and resolve their query.


Spend Less and Deliver More

Auto-attend Incoming Calls

Automatically answer all the incoming calls and provide customers with a detailed menu structure for self-help navigation.

Handle High Call Volumes

With self-help and auto-receptionist options, businesses can handle rising call volumes effortlessly.

Deliver Rich Customer Experience

Deliver a rich customer experience by identifying, segmenting and routing the calls to the most qualified agents.

Boost Your Sales

Never miss a customer call with real-time alerts on e-mail or SMS, push SMS to customers informing agents are busy.

Detailed Call Tracking

Get detailed call tracking for incoming calls including caller number, date, time, location, etc for marketing campaigns.


GLATOM is an excellent provider of IVR

Step 1

By integrating IVR number into your telephony system, you can handle a large volume of calls. The identification, segmentation, and routing processes of all the incoming calls are also enhanced making business call process flawless.

Step 2

IVR number helps customers quickly find the answers to their queries without any human assistance and thus saves agents from answering mundane questions. It frees up, agent’s time and improves their productivity.

Step 3

Create and design an easy IVR flow for incoming calls and guide your customers to agents or skill set for quick call connection.Set up your account in minutes, configure call connection mode, working hours, holiday IVR and email alerts.

Automate your business communication with Multi-level IVR number system


Advantages of IVR

It helps provide 24/7 service.

IVR can perfectly operate without any interruption, thereby it’s always available to callers. This will not be the case without IVR since naturally, no human agent can operate 24/7.

Saves time and money.

IVR can function intelligently and understand a caller’s need, so it can be used to replace humans to attend to common issues that do not require critical thinking skills.

Good first impression.

IVR comes off as professional. They get an idea of the stability of your company and your customer support.

Better customer satisfaction.

IVR answers customers immediately when they call, eliminating wait time. Customers don’t like being made to wait, do they?

Effectiveness and efficiency.

IVR ensures greater effectiveness and efficiency, since repeatedly answering or attending to the same frequently asked questions can become monotonous to workers. The IVR system, on the other hand, doesn’t get tired or bored and can provide the same quality of service to all callers.

More profits.

More business deals and transactions take place over the telephone these days. Having a sophisticated call system with IVR ensures that your company handles calls in the best way possible. Better call handling more profit.

Error free.

Using IVR instead of relying on a receptionist ensures that all processes are less error-prone. Human errors are totally avoided and whenever there is a need to route customer calls to another destination, the accuracy is guaranteed.


List of IVR Features to improve inbound call

Customized IVR Call Flow

CRM & CTI Integration

Multi-level IVR

Voice Logger and Archiver

Drag and Drop IVR Designer

IVR Self Service

Supervisor Call Monitoring

Skill-based Routing

IVR Call Routing


Call Queuing

Personalized Prompts

After Business Hour Configuration

IVR Blaster

Preferred Agent Routing

Call Reporting & Dashboards


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